Gun Show Background Check Bill Out Of Committee In New Mexico

Thanks to a link at The Gun Wire I see the New Mexico Telegraph reports a “gun show background check bill’ has been approved by the House Judiciary Committee.

Obviously, there is a whole lot of ignorance here, since table prices have pretty much priced the old guy with a half dozen antiques out of gun shows. Sixty to a hundred fifty dollars a table tends to take all the profit out of selling a gun or two. So the guy with the antiques is placing ads on GunBroker for shipment to a dealer near you; or upping the prices a few notches and working the suckers with an ad in the local Free Advertiser. And gun show dealers already do the paperwork and call in NICS checks to the FBI.

I used to see someone walking the aisles with an L.C. Smith or Parker trying to make a private sale and get a few more bucks than a dealer could afford to give him. But people are holding on to their guns. So the 13 Democrats who voted for background checks on all gun shows have pretty much voted for nothing. “Buying vaporware,” as we used to say.

Of course, Bloomberg and the media have their “forty percent of gun sales do not involve a background check” lie. Which is typical of Bloomberg, and of others. And some in the Legislature are so poorly informed they bit into the lie. As easy as information is to obtain, those are people who do not need to be in the Legislature. They need a toilet brush and a job within their capacity.

So it behooves New Mexico’s gun owners to work the House, contact their representatives, and show up in force to protest. Because the bill is “the camel’s nose under the tent.” And those who recall that story will recall that the camel soon occupied the entire tent, forcing the man to sleep outside in the cold.


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