Gun Rights Demonstration In North Dakota

The Dickonson, N.D. Press reports reports on a gun rights rally at North Dakota’s capitol.

The Dakota, North and South, benefit greatly from their gun laws, which enccourage armed self defense instead of protecting criminals. A friend who ranches near Bow Bells must drive 60 miles and open and close five gates to drop the kids off for another week’s school, so a 911 resonse is likely to take some time.

Before the Bakken oil field brought thousands of oil field workers, mostly single men with very limited opportunity for recreation, the Dakota’s were almost always in the least violent five States. Obviously, that has changed, but North Dakota was 46th for murder and 35 ror assault in 2016:

Despite the year to year changes resulting from random variation the Dakota’s have never had a gun problem. But the gun ban industry would strip Dakotans of their rights just as eagerly as they did Chicagoans.

So it is good to see gun rights demonstrations in the high plains States. The more the better.


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