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The number of persons killed accidentally with a firearm in the United States is easy to determine. For 2010, the last year we have firearms accident numbers for there were 606 fatal firearms accidents, 8,775 murders, and no more than 1,661 fatal self defense shootings. That makes a total of 11,042 gun related deaths in the United States during 2010.

But England is a horse of a completely different color. In general, England and Wales, to use the official name, has crime rates that are generally ten or more times greater than comparable rates in the United States. For 2011, the United States reported a violent crime rate of 386.6 per 100,000; broken down so the number could be easily verified.

At the same time England reported a violent crime rate of 4,156.6! The United States rate for forcible rape is about 27; while England reports 600 – or 2,500! So England is the undisputed “king of violent crime.”

Yet England claims a very low number of homicides, approximately 650 for 2011. That in itself is cause for suspicion. You can look as you will, you will not find substantiating data for the English “rate for the crime of homicide.” Investigators are supposed to take their word for it – something responsible researchers may not do.

Turning to the backup data, media reports, the English media has reported an average of 191 homicides every 28 days since January 1, 2010. That would be a rate of about 6.0 per 100,000 population. But lacking proper documentation there is no official way to know what the English “death by gun” numbers are.


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