Gun Controls Keep Guns From Dangerous People?

A comment on a New York City TV station has it that Governor “Gun Ban” Duomo’s laws have made New yorkers safer makes me wonder why today’s editors cannot read. If they could, they would see the Empire State’s violent crime rates were very low prior to imposition of brothel keeper and Legislaator Tim Sullivan Act.

More broadlllly, here this chart was taken from FBI, DOJ, and Census numbers and shows the homicide rate for the last 25 years of a period in which any American who had the money and ws not incarcerated could buy a gun – and carry it:

From 1880 to 1905, virtually any American with the price could buy a gun can carry it. And the murder rate sank as low as 0.7 victims per 10,000 population. That is a rate of 7 murders per million population compared to today’s 2016’s gun control imposed rate of 51 per million, and 2017’s estimated 58 per million.

You look at that chart and wsee the results of every major gun control law ever imposed on Americans. From the anti-carry madness of 1905, 1911’s Sullivan Law (brothel keeper, gang leader, and legislator seem a reasonable career set) through the Prohibition inspired gun laws from 1915 through 1933, to the big drip in crime as law enforcement lost interest in enforcing gun controls, and finally to 1963’s enertainment industry gun ban campaign.

Which was followed in dreary order by Federal gun cotnrols driving up crime rates in States that had no gun controls, to the “Assault Weapons ban which started in 1987, to the mass decline in violence that began in 1993 with relaxed gun laws, and finally in 2014 with the onset of the billionaire funded “Everytown against guns” campaign.

The day the first law restricting “Constitutional Carry” or “buy it and carry it in good health” was brought to an end is the day America’s violent crime rates started up.

Biwm uf restructure gun laws really “kept dangerous people from getting guns,” as the gun ban lobbies insist, this chart would be very different.

The homicide and violent crime rates woould have been sky high instead of very low when anyone could buy a gun and carry it. Instead of rising sharply in 1905 and 19906, high crime rates would have fallen sharply.

The Sullivan Law would have resulted in a sharp decline in murders, instead of kicking the nation’s violence rates up.

The Prohibition era gun controls, intended to keep citizens safe from stray gunfire, would have resulted in a sharp decline in crime, not a sharp increase to murder rates officially well above 100 per million population.

That 30 year decline, between the end of Prohibition and Hollywood’s attempt to ban all guns would have been a sharp rise, while the gun laws passed as a result of gun ban campaigns would have resulted in crime rates dropping into the basement, instead of soaring to the skies.

If gun contorl did what advocates say it does the sharp decline in the murder rate betweeen 1993 and 1998, as gun laws were relaxed, would have been sharp rises instead.

If gun contotrol worked like the gun banners says it does, the long slow decline from 1968 to 2012 would have carried crime rates beyond the stratosphere.

And if gun control laws really reduced violence those red bars would have become increasingly shorter instead of increasingly taller.

Clearly, gun control has never done anything but raise violence rates in the United States. And the story amounts to a variation on a theme.

the United States has approximately four times the population of eery European country save Russia, so the numbers are different but the results of European gun controls are the same as those of the United States. Here is a chart of the results of he gun ban imposed on the United Kingdom after the Dunblane school massacre, Scotland’s equivalent of our Newtown School mass murder:

Similar, but different, charts are available for every European country where gun control’s record is “a series of bloody failure.”

No matter where you go the story is the same. Crime rates are driven sky high, but population and criminal gang activity varies and the exact numbers response also varies.

No matter where you go, the results are the same. And the gun ban activsts should be required ot explain te most basic fact about restrictive gun laws. Why such laws kill.

Until they can do so, ask yourself this. Do you want to subject your family, your neighbors,, and yourself to the increased crime rates that universally result from gun control?


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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  1. 2aguy says:


    Where did you get that table for violent acts in England and Wales? I would like to use it when I debate anti gunners.


  2. Stranger says:

    Hi Bill. A British pro-gun bloke sent me a fuzzy copy that I could not clean up to usability so I started searching the internet for a better copy. Bing, there it was.

    As I recall, the search was for “chart of uk violent crime rate.”


  3. 2aguy says:


  4. Stranger says:

    Any time. If I know it I will ell you, and if I do not I will tel you tat as well.


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