“Gun Control Needs To Start On A Smaller Scale”

The Rotunda says gun control should start on a smaller scale.

Well, consider a moment. In 2016 there were 17,250 murders reported to the FBI, up from 14,866 in 2012.

Of those, approximately 10,700 were criminal on criminal murders, 2,950 murders were a result of criminal on citizen victimization, and 3,500 wee “other or unknown,” a category that includes domestic violence, justifiable homicide, police intervention, and yes, 200 or so victims of a mass murderer.

It is very obvious that the “gun violence” problem is primarily a result of either partners or rivals in crime falling out, murders committed during robberies or home invasions, followed by domestic violence, and unknown. Mass murder is almost the smallest category on the list.

So yes, we need to start by cutting off criminals access to weapons. But no, that does nto mean adding to gun dealers burden, because criminals do not buy guns from dealers.

Criminals either steal their own guns, or buy trafficed “street guns” for far less than dealers prices, leaving no “paper trail” to the felon in possession. Stopping that traffic would also go a long way toward cutting domestic homicides, shooting Law Enforcement Officers, and cutting the number of “unknown cause” murders.

And that campaign against crime starts at the local prosecutors or district attorneys office.

While gun theft is almost always grand larceny, calling for years or perhaps decades in prison, far too many prosecutors regard gun theft as the equivalent of stealing a paperweight.

Worse, far too many gun traffickers get a slap on the wrist; a month or three in the county jail instead of the decades the law.

So yes, the measures needed to firearms facilitated crime of all sorts, including murder, should start start at local ballot boxes – after close public examination of prosecutors and judges records on gun theft and gun trafficking.

Because getting rid of lazy, incompetent, or biased prosecutors and judges strikes a blow at thos who enable criminals.


NB: The breakdown of murders assumes the percentage of all murders committed by a stated class is the same as the number of murders “cleared by arrest.” Given the size of the arrested sample, the stated numbers should be within 2.5%.

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