Gun Control Is Not Gun Safety

I see Bloomberg’s gun banners, “everytown for gun safety,” is pushing restrictive gun laws under the guise of “gun safety.” Uet wjem upi ;ppl at the official “police reported” and “health department” reported data, it is easy to see Bloomberg’s propagandists are pulling a scam on both the people and the lawmakers.

Gun safety would make people safe in an armed society, the sort of society the Founders left us. For 126 years, the United States had the lowest or second lowest violent crime rates on earth. And then “Progressives,” under the guise of ending labor trouble, started ramming through gun control laws, beginning in late 1904. Here is what happened:

Violentcrime and murder rates “went up like an Atlas missile.” It was not until the Depression cased a relaxation in gun law enforcement that violent crme rates began to subside.Until 1963,when the entertainment industry, faced with either “reshooting” or discarding more than a billion dollars worth of television programs already “in the can,” began a gun controlcampaign did violent crime rates rise for more than two years.

Hollywood’s influence and money resulted in the Gun Control Act of1968,and once again violnt crime and murder rates “went over the moon. Those rates did not come down until until 1993,when the inception of many State License To Carry systems forced many violent criminals to take another look at their lifestyle. (DOJ chart,” taken down by order of Eric Holder)

When criminals began running a substantial risk of getting a lead greeting from an intended victim, violnt crime and homicide rates tanked – excep;t in those States that fought liberalizing gun laws.

No restrictive gun law in the 521 year history of such laws has reduced crime, made anyone safer, or reduced the numbers of political assassinations.

And that makes Bloomberg’s propaganda campaign a scam. No more, and certainly no less.

Gun control is not gun safety. Instead gun gun control has i invariably produced results similar to the chart fragment on the right documenting what Oregon’s people got ofr the millions bloomberg spent pushing gun controls.

The Banners latest “achievement” is a near copy of a California law that requires to pick up and destroy guns belonging to anyone who is committed to a mental health facility for any reason, or for any length of time.As a result a number of people have had their guns stolen, because they had a severe reaction to a change in prescription medication.

There is no gun safety in confiscating the property of an unfortunate person whose MD changed their prescription. If the propagandists can be believed, the intent is to bring American gun ownership in line with that of Europe,where only the elites own guns. Elits – like Michael Bloomberg.


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