“Gun Control History Is A Constant Shift In Focus”

Breitbart covers a seminar on the history of gun control at the Consservative Political Action Committee convention.

Breitbart begins their discussion with:

The history of gun control is one of a constant shift in focus,

From one standpoint, nothing could be more true. Shift viewpoint, and the operative word shifts from focus to purpose, but the statement remains largely true.

The first gun control law was imposed by a ruler after a girl in her mid=teens and his favorite courtesan lost her beauty to an accidental discharge. Neither the Duke nor his Duchy lasted long after that 1495 decree that was the earliest gun control law we have found.

But within 20 years other laws restricting citizens right to keep and caarry guns, often described as “black weapons,” were banned – ffor many stated reasons. But at the bottom, each gun control law imposed before 1515 was put in place for just one reason. The rulers wee looking out for #1 and reduccing the risk they aan on their way to and from the throne.

That trend has continued, whth Catholics barred from gun possession here, Protestants bared there, The political outs stripped of gun rights there, and everyone barred from gun possession here. There have been several gun control laws that stripped individual families from gun possession, and many laws banning darker individuals from gun possession.

Until the late 1800’s gun control always had a single purpose. To protect the ruling elite.

The Ottoman’s did not start it, Democide is as hold as history, the Ottoman Empire gets credit for being the first ban a population from gun possession, then rounding them up and marching them to death camps.

Since that notorious mass murder,, the latest count of victims indicates more than 262 innocent victims have died in Democratizes. Bringing another extreme to the limits of human cruelty.

Ten, in 1917 the inevitable occurred. A revolutionary group rounded up and executed the leaders of their country, and passed laws guaranteeing gun rights, but prohibiting the exercise of those rights. And that has since used gun owner lists to round up and systematically disarm the people, and then make them disappear in order to impose their political system on yet another country.

So now we have three major goals for restrictive gun laws. The first is the historic one, to disarm the people so the rulers might be incrementally safer. The second is to make certain no citizen or group of citizens has the power to defy the government in any matter whatsoever. And the third eliminate resistance to the despotic Socialist government they intend too impose.

A government that will give the goodies to the ruling elite, and the back of its collective hand to those who make the elite’s standard of living so high.

The bottom line is simple enough. Regardless of te intent of the suckers hustling gun control, their campaaaign has no creditable purpose.

Instead, as carriers of an evil law, promulgated to protect evil people, gun control should be recognized for what it is.
riple distilled evil.


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