Gun Control Does Not Work, But!

The morning look at the media reveals several opinion pieces pointing out the fact that gun control sounds good but does not work. That is a demonstrable fact. With more than 57,604 known gun control laws, not including “time or place” restrictions if gun control works there would be a record.

But there is another, equally important factor to consider.

Can you trust your government? Can you No, I am serious, but think about it.

German Jews trusted that Hitlers rhetoric was so much hot air. After all, were not the Yiddish an important part of the German economy? Who would want to confiscate an old soldier who walked with a cane after being wouinded at Verdun’s life savings? The Jews voted, many voted for Hitler’s NSDAP candidates, and they were rock solid Germans. But, stripped of their guns by the Treaty of Versailles, they went meekly into the cattle cars taking them to places like Auschwitz, Belzec, Chemno, and Jasenovac.

The Kulaks trusted the Soviets – until their farms and equipment were confiscated and they were transported to a forest to die. Instead, the Kulaks rebuilt their old life, until Stalin noticed. The Gulags were the next stop, and if any survived I have not herd of it.

I could go on, but D. Rudolph Rummels study of peoples who gave up their guns and were then slaughtered by their own government is only a click away.

I should mention that Dr. Rummel’s numbers are out of date. The count is well over 262 million for the 20h Century, and growing.

So should we trust our government? Yes, today we generally shouold. But what happens the nest time the violent left takes charge again. he media is filled with that ilk’s violent and racist comments, and it is only a small step from thought to word to action.

The Pink Pistols website once told visitors “Armed gays don’t get bashed.” That is true.

And a history of the 20th Century will show that an armed people cannot be held captive against its will.

That is the primary reason we have this “gun control” debate in the face of a tidal wave of evidence gun control does nto reduce crime or make anyone safer.

In fact, gun control imperils every citizen, including those in the ruling elite who are not very careful to stay in the maximum leader’s good graces.


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