Gun Control As A Public Health Issue

Literally dozens of gun ban activist supporting links have called for “a study of gun violence in America,” including this one provided by Bing:

No, for a bit of history, from the time President John F. Kennedy was murdered until 1994 there was an almost continuous Congressional funded study of gun control, which almost always concluded no conceivable gun law would reduce or eliminate firearms related injury or death.

Early that year, a Center for Disease “recherche” issued a statement obviously plagiarized from a handout from gun ban lobby Handgun Control, Inc; whose founder had predicted and end to private gun ownership by 2023.

Faced with hard evidence the CDC was a de facto gun ban lobby, Congress cut off Federal funding. However, private individual quickly rushed to replace most lost funding, with George Soros spening more than five million dollars every year for the last 32 years on such “studies,” with no credible result. At present, “studies of gun violence are funded at a rate nearing $20mn a year, and promises of increased funding have been made.

In the abstract, private money covers the entire spectrum of so-called “gun control” every 20 days. After all there are only three possibilities.

Either restrictive gun laws actually cut crime, do nothing, or increase the violent crime rate. The data from the more than 57.789 gun controls that have been upt in place in the last 422 years indicate that every regularly enforced gun restrictions does just one thing. They have dirven violent rime rates sky high. Period.

Instead of the big reductin in violent crime British gun ban cranks promised when guns were virtually outlawed in the U.K. this was the result of the gun ban following Scotland’s Dunblane School Mass Shooting:

Sp,etjat tjat os strikingly similar to the combined results of Federa gun restrictions and the District of Columbia’s gun ban:

With the decline in both charts due to the same factr. These police reported numbers have been “fiddled with” to make them more acceptable to the politicians who control the purse strings.

Yes and no.

We need research into just what laws have been most effective in reducing violent criminal predation.

And no, we do not need to wast money trying to rove that laws imposed thousands of times without a single success to point to will work if we impose them just one more time.

but until sanity strikes Congress and they pass National Firearms Law Preemption, our best couirse is to clean out the State legislators of those who babble about “Soaring violent crime” “Gun violence,” “guns only made to kill,” and the other gun ban propaganda spewing from the media.

Because measures that reduce crime and make people safer DO NOT abridge the absolute right to keep and carry the most effective crime suppressant known. The right to keep and bear arms.


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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