Gun Control And The Cost Of Incarceration

The “Cost of Corrections” is a major and unappreciated cost of gun control. in 1960 thee were just 655,000 Federal and State prisoners serving time, an an average cost of $14,000 pa year per prisoner, or $9,700,000,000, largely on Corrections Officers woefully deficient salaries.

While the delay between crime and time must be kept in mind, the rather garish chart below shows the increase in prison populations resulting from the entertainment industry’s gun ban campaign, and almost 3,000 federal, State, and local gun control laws.

Today, 2,210,000 Americans are serving time in prison, and the yearly per capita “cost of corrections” has grown from $86,000 a year to a staggering total of $123,000. That is a total of $212,000,000,000, two hundred twelve billion dollars a year, and climbing.

Corrections officers salaries account for a substantial part of that increase, from an average of just $6,200 a year, in an economy where a new Ford Galaxy was $22,500, a quart of milk or a gallon of gas 25cents, and a pound of sirloin or a dozen bottles of Coca Cola were 50 cents.

Today’s average pay for “the most dangerous job in law enforcement” since the asylums have been emptied into the prisons is $44,000 a year, and working standards have almost doubled the number of guards per prisoner.

There are other reasons the per prisoner cost of incarceration has gone up much faster than the inflation rate – and at the same time rising much more rapidly thatn the number of prisoners is declining.

If there is interest, I may post a more complete analysis aat the Polite Society website, but that will have to way until the final drafts of the posts of the “Cost of Gun Control” series, to which this post belongs, is complete and posted at Society.

In the meantime, the people of the United States cannot afford the $670 per American per year cost of incarceration for the 1,600,000 young men serving time instead of living an honest and productive life as a result of gun control.

Congress should have taken a good hard look at the results of gun control in 1973 and preempted all State and local gun laws, and repealed most Federal firearms legislation.

Congress failure has cost the lives of more than 700,000 Americans, and cost at least $4,400,000,000,000, more than one fifth the national debt. It is time for Congress to correct its mistake.


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