Gun Control An Issue In Virginia Governors Race

As most gun owners know, Virginia’s sitting governor, Terry McAuliffe, is a gun banner from Bannersville. And the sort of pol who cannot ook at a spreadsheet of chart and tell up from down. Or care.

I have not managed to upload more than a fraction of the Alley’s State files, including Virginias dataset. But the FBI derived chart at this link tells the story.

The last year before the 1963 gun control drive, police reported 7,720 violent crimes, much of those spillover from DC.

In 1968, after five years of gun contrl campaigns, police reported 12,821.

After five years of gun control, Virginia’s police reported 16,483 violent crimes, still with a high spillover from DC.

And at its worst, gun control drove Virginia’s vioelnt crime total to 24,160 polie reported violent crimes in 1993.

Gun control should be an issue in the Virginia Governors race since gun control has put thousands of Virginians in the graveyard. Unfortunately, yoiu will not hear that from the Virginian-Pilot.

Wat you will hear from the virginian Pilot is like this brief quote:

Jeanette Richardson was at a Newport News neighbor’s house for a 2004 New Year’s Eve party when she heard gunshots.

She returned home to find her 18-year-old son, Patrick Wyatt McKinley, had been fatally shot in the street. The gunman had been attending a party elsewhere in the neighborhood, and neither she nor her son knew him

The real story of Virginia’s experience with gun laws is in the numbers of persons killed, wounded, or victimized because someone using a stolen gun was confident the victim could not fight back.

And that is the real story of Virginia’s experience withg cun control. And what can be done?

If no one primaries a Republican candidate, vote for the Democrat you feel will be the weakest candidate, and then vote Republican in the General Election. Because Virginia does not need or deserve more gun control.


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