Gun Ban Extremist Fauxahontas Will Not Run

FOX News Sen. Fauxahontas Warren (ANTI0MA) will not run for President.

Fox als reports Fauxahontas will not take a DNA test, either.

Faauxie has always reminded me of a gal I knew at Ada, Oklahoma, who was half a foot shorter than her mama, had enough frecckkles for a skillet full of turkey eggs, ruler flat in front, was 11 months shy of her 13th birthday, and had convinced herself that her lack of curves was the reason she wasn’t getting any masculine attention.

So she braces her mama. Mama was in he kitchen with a week’s laundry, ddoing the finishing touches with a sad iron. And if you ever use one of those things for a day, you wil find out why pressers tend to be sad folks. But anyway…..

“Mama,,,” girl says, I need to go to JC Pennys and get some falsies.”

Mama set the irn she was using back on the stove, picked up the one that was heating, and parked the iron on the heel of the ironing board. And theen she eelaed over so she was eye to ey with Gril, and says…

“Sister, if the boys wanted rubber the boys would go to Firestone, so you are just going to have to wait.”

And like Sister, it seems to me Lizzie is another of those who tries to pass rubber as real.


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