Gun Ban Advocates Close Minnesota Capitol

Twin reports the far left’s ‘Marcch For Our Lives gun ban march shut down the Minnesota Capitol down twice.

Briefly quoting the Twin Cities report linked above:

The group, led by Josh Groven of the School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley, took a microphone at a witness table when the Senate Judiciary Committee was discussing an unrelated topic. The committee recessed for a time before coming back and resuming the other topic, elder care. Groven and other students were removed from the meeting.

So the far left ‘Women’s March””takes uuup registering gun owners, writing out gun rights, and so on come to demonstrate how violent they can be – and the media considers it the most civilized thing in the world.

But there is nothing civilized about compulsory negotiation. “Give me, or I take and kill you as well” is not driving a bargain, but i enforcing a edict.

And something that is becomming far too popuar once again.


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