Graph Showing Gun Deaths As A Percentage Of All Deaths In America

Someone stopped by searching for “graph showing gun deaths as a percentage of all deaths in America.”

6800 people die every day in this United States; which is the third most populous nation on earth. Natural deaths so greatly outnumber accidental deaths and homicides that you would not be able to find firearms deaths on a reasonably size graph. So let me take a short cut.

2,480,000 Americans die every year. 119,733 were accidental. 606 of those were fatal firearms accidents. In addition, there were 8,503 gun related homicides.

2010 Accidental Deaths, All Ages

Therefore, there were 9,109 gun related fatalities out of an estimated 2,480,000 deaths, for 0.003673 percent, slightly less than four in 1,000 deaths, resulting from firearms related homicides and firearms accidents.


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