“Governor Perry Teaches Me To Shoot”

Writing at the Houston Chronicle, Kathleen McKinley has a very interesting item titled
Governor Perry Teaches Me To Shoot.”

Briefly quoting the Houston Chronicle item:

For some reason my buddy Melissa never told me she had this video of Gov. Rick Perry teaching me to shoot his Ruger last year (the one he shot the coyote with!). This is just too cool. I’ll say this about Gov. Perry. He is a down to earth guy. It wasn’t just me that he taught to shoot his gun that day. It was about 6 or 7 other Texas bloggers. I’ve had quite a few opportunities like this with the Governor because he is so willing to be with us regular folks.

Ms. McKinley’s item also includes the YouTube video clip Ms. McKinley mentioned:

Good on the Governor. Every human being should not only be taught to shoot, they should be armed. Because the police react to reports of crime instead of being proactive against crime.


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