Government Scientists Insist Global Warming Is Real

Well, I see :government scientists” aare telling us global warming is all our fault. Which is strange, since an increasing majority of scientists – the guys who read the meters and conclusions – are increasingly turning agaisnt the idea.

We shall see what we shall see – in jusst about 8 years if the Russian scientists working in the UK are correct, 5 years if Canadian scientists are correct, 9 years if Chinese scientiss are corect.

And about 2035 if a small and largely quiet minority of sccientists wh believe we are headed into an actuall ice age are correct. And these people who come out and tell people wearing sweaters in early August that the previous month was the warmest month in history are telling us that w our planet is so hot the oceans are about to burst into flame.

There a number of choices there, but I like the Russian scientists prediction the best since it predicts the mildest winters.

But I am not in any big hurry to find out who is correct.



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