Google Reveals How We Feel About Gun Bans? NOT!

Google is a California company, resident in a “blue county” and a gun contro, ban precursor, advocate. And someone at Business Insider has touched a few keys and gotten a map of the counties where more people search for gun control and more search for gun ships and are trying to peddle that as reflective of the feelings of Americans on gun control.

Actually, the map does say something. It says that of the 196 million or so adult gun owners, the vast majority are concerned about the possibility of gun confiscation, gun bans, gun owner registries, and similar gun control actions, while the eight million adults who live in Kentucky and Tennessee are looking for the nearest place to buy a gun.

And as a source of data on American’s approval of guns, what the map actually reveals is has no relevance to the curent debate. But it is interesting that such a small proportion of Americans would feel the need for more guns.

Neither does the gun ban activist on the video at the bottom of the misleading item. Mass murders do not happen in other countries with restrictive gun laws? Hogwash.

Remember, with an estimated 326.4 million poeple, the U.S. ranks third in the world behind just India and China for population. Comparing the number of mass murders in countries with from 3% to 38% of our population leads to wildly incorrect results.

Lower populations mean few mass murders, but in terms of mass murders per resident year, America’s supposedly high mass mruder rate drops to near the bottom of the pack.

Australia, which famously bought back millions of slide action and self loading firears for a fraction of value, has had a dozen mass murders since that buyback.

England banned virtually all guns in 1998, after the Dunblane School Massacre, and has had a half dozen mass murders – with one sixth the population. By the “four deaths by one hand at one place standard, Germany has a 21st Century per capita mass murder rate higher than our own. But then, Germany has only 84 million population and far more restrictive gun laws.

By the numbers, it is easy to see our problem is poorly thought out restrictions on firearms. here are the mass murder casualties, by year, since 1960, and with the mass murder numbers for the gun control industry’s 2014 to present years highlighted in red:

and for 2017 the early body count is up to 108 but it fades into the border.

So the bottom line is obvious. Business Insider has published a propaganda piece for an unworty cause that is in fact lareglly responsible for the rise in homicides from just 8,520 in 1962 to 23,040 in 1993.

The shooting community’s efforts to relax the poorly conceived gun laws resulted in a decline to only 14,319 murders in 2014 – and the gun ban industry’s efforts have driven the total the 2016 total of murders to 17,240, with more sharp rises in store until the gun ban industry stops making criminals think violent crime is an easy lifestyle.

for my money, those preaching gun control are doing exactly what the numbers say they are doing. Peddling policies that spread death and destruction.


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