Global Warming:: 15 Inches Fresh Snow In N. Africa

at Steve Bartin’s NewsAlert I see global warming has gotten as far south as North Africa.

The Express reports 17 inches of fresh snow in the Sahara desert. This is not unheard of, since it happened several times during the Maunder Grand Climate Minimum, and the Nile froze hard enough to walk across at Cairo in the 10th Century. Still, it is another indication of global cooling.

As is the current Arctic mean atmospheric temperature of 246K, -27C, or -17F. Remember, that is the mean for the entire arcitc, and several stations are reporting far lower temperatures.

The January 7 reading of Arctic sea ice is is 12,690,000 square kilometers, This is on the low side but with hundreds of unscrubbed Asian power plants and industrial plants coming on line that is not surprising. We still have ten weeks of freeze, and only 1.3 million Km2 kilometers to hit expectations.

All of which has me wondering if someone might pick up a few bucks selling snow shovels to North Africans, as a canny Boston merchant did shipping bedwarmers to the West Inddies.


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