Giving The Lie To “An A15 Is Only Made To Kill”

This is post 5 of a six part series, posted a wee bit early in response to a gun ban lobbyist’s tirade on the tube.

Whether or not most Americans are aware or not, there is a desperate struggleggle going on over your food supply. The farmers are growing your food, but the wild animals, particularly hogs and coyotes, want it, and will eat and a sounder of hogs can eat a field to the roots in a day.

Taht makes a farmer’s need for a light weight, relatively low power rifle that will keep its appearance for years while riding behind a pickup seat a necessity. Enter the AR-15, the military styled rifle called a “Sport Utility Rifle,” a “Modern Sporting Rifle, or, by those ignorant of guns, an “assault weapon.

It is relatively light, is quite accurate, and the low power rounds are not likely to tavel for several miles and hurt someone. Plus the plastic stock and hand guard are tough enough to take a beating and keep on looking good.

Of course, te media will not have it any way but the AR,a;ote AR-15 is made to kill. But that is its lookalike assault rifle cousin, the M-16.

Te ARmalite rifles are demonized for no logical reason. The editor of the Loouisvill Courier Journal began a long rant with “No one needs a rifle that could shoot a airlinr cruising at 30,000 feet out of the sky, kill a whiall swimming 100 fathos down, and if a bullet from one hit a deer in the hoof it would blow him all to pieces.

A second reason for the AR-15 pattern Sport Utility Rifle’s popularity are several shooting sports, such as 3 gun competition. Have a look at this very pleasant and enjoyable way to turn money into noise:

Look like fun? It is, and reasonably priced as well. And if you noticed, yes, long shot strings requiring design capacity magazines are a necessity if you are going to run the course and compte with the young guys.

Of oudrs, that is just one of the many sports practiced with the ARmalite design semi automatic.

And that propaganda about “only being made to kill?” Well, military theory has it that it takes more of an enemy’s resources to tend to a wounded man than replace a dead one. So the 5.56 NATO cartridge the AR series uses are deliberately intended to wound, not to kill. A person shot with a standard police claiber handgun cartridge has a 1 in 5 chance of being killed. someone shot with an AR has a 1 in 11 chance of being killed. If I have to be shot, I will take the AR, thank you.

And then there is one more thing. Since the wife would not let me move closer to home, we have survived three major hurricanes. And after the wind went down my oder boys and I have spent our days sitting in a lawn chair by the street with an AR in my lap watching for looters. This block has not had any, but the people around the corner sure have some war stories.

And just how many people are killed each year with an Ar? To expedite understanding, in a typical year less than 30 Americans will be killed by someone using an AR, for the most part home invaders who chose the wrong house.

In addition, a substantial numbe, as many as 55 die at teh hands of Police Swat teams.

So the bottom line is that the Armalite rifles and their clones such as the Bushmaster do an enormous amoutn of good each and every year. And AR pattern rifles in the hands of bad people with broken minds do harm with one.

To my mind, having corn and potatoes onthe table instead of having crops destroyed by feral hogs is a good thing. And os is protecting a newborn lamb from the “tender mercy” of a hungry coyote.


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