Gillibrand Sadi To Intro Anti-Trafficking Bill

I have a rumor, nothing more, but Senator Kirsten Gillibrand [ANTI-NY] is said to have introduced a bill making gun trafficking a Federal felony.

Gun theft is grand larceny in most states and trafficking, taking stolen guns to distant places, provides the guns the underworld uses to facilitate crime.

But while transportation table across State lines will probably get you ca couple of years, but transporting fifty stolen guns to Chicago will be treated with the same gravity shown those who spit on Chicago’s streets.

A bill making gun trafficking a Federal crime, moving violators from State courts to the Federal system where such crimes are treated with seriousness instead of scorn has been a long time peeve of mine.

Hopefully the bill, if it exists, will not contain any nasty surprises for our community. But Gillibrand is a Democrat, forced to take partei orders regardless of her personal beliefs, so we shall just have to wait and read the bill.

If it materializes.


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