Germans, Other Europeans Rush To Buy Illegal Guns

Regular, and much appreciated contributor WuChang sent over a link confirming what I have been hearing for some time, now. Germans, are rushing to buy illegal guns, largely Makarovs, AK’s, and others left behind when the the Russians left the former Eastbloc.

Of course, European pols, who have memories of former Italian leader Benito Mussolini decorating a telephone pole, are bitterly opposed to people not under their direct control, but armed societies
Seldom allow things to come to such a pass.

The more guns European citiz3nw have, the less crime the countries of Europe will have. It will soon be 98 years since David Lloyd-George ordered a complete ban on private gun ownership for the German people. It is time for Europe to lay the ghost of the British Prime Minister who unleashed this evil on an outstandingly law abiding continent.

How law abiding? In 1912, more than 1,000 Britons set out to walk across Europe to Constantinople, taking from one to two years on the journey. So far as the records show, none none was robbed, none murdered, none suffered other crime or insult. Today you cannot even walk across London without running a substantial risk of robbery or assault.


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  1. Stranger says:

    Thanks, Joe. Wuchang beat you to it, but I certainly appreciate the effort.


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