GAO Refutes Gun Banners – Again

The Daily Oklahoman reports on a General Accounting Office report on a study of gun control.

Briefly quoting the Oklahoman report linked above::

GUN control proponents often advocate policies that are either ineffective or address nonexistent “problems.” This prevents action on credible remedies supported by people on both sides of the Second Amendment debate.

Yes. The Oklahoman’s Editorial Board does a very good job, co click on over. The alley will be here when you click back.

With that, consider the utterly stupid “assault weapons ban” Nelson Shields Handgun Control, Inc. started in 1985. At the time, military sttyled semi-automatic rifles. At the time, he number of Americans killed with those rifles each year was about five. The gun banners adverse publicity has made the Sport Utility Rifle a weapon of choice for mass murdereers and, for 2017, raised the murder total with SUR’s to above 100.

I could of course pull charts documenting the utter failure of every known gun control law – but this time I will confine myself to just one. This chart shows the homicide rate before approximateliy 1300, which means before guns, and the homicide rate after guns became cheap enough for peasants to own one, to the point in the 1800’s when almost everyone had a gun, and a high percentage carried, through the rise in murders s gun control took hold: (Waatch the scale on the left side of the chart)

There are hundreds of similar charts on the internet, and a search for “chart historic murder rate” will bring up hundreds of them. Like Homer’s description of sisters, they are similar – but different.

If tens of thousands of well thought out gun restrictions failed to cut the crime rate – now do the gun an advocates expect their proposals to address non-existent problems and that restrict only those who are not and never will be a problem to help the situation??

A law disarming the law abiding and allong cirminals to arm themselves at will is not a solution to the problem. Instead, it is the problem.

Before we had regularly enforced gun controls, wwwe had murder rates below 1 per 100,000 population. The red bars on the right – along with the pale gold 2017 projection tell the story of gun control in America:

The results of every major gun control law, if you count the myriad of State laws in the gun control panic of 1905-1906 as one law, is visible on that chart. New York’s 1911 Sullivan law is there, as are the increasing number of such laws enacted in response to mob violence during Prohibition. The decline as strict enforcement of gun controls eased dduring the Depression is there. The Gun ban campaigns of 1963, 19986, and 2013 are there.

And so is the precipitous decline in murders and other violent crimes when a majority of States adopted relaxed Concealed Carry Weapons Permit systems after 1993.

But hard evidence of the damge done by pushing gun control for political advantage is counterproductive.

If possible, gun restrictions should be crafted to address real problems, and the approximately one million individuals who may commit a violent crime, not the 260 million adults who will never knowingly commit a crime.

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