Gabby Giffords Trying To Turn Arizona’s Crime RAtes Arouind

I see former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords says she wants to turn Arizona’s crime rates around by imposing stronger gun laws.

Here is a snapshot of Arizona’s murder rates as restrictive gun laws were relaxed c compared to Colorado, which has fought gun law relaxation tooth and nail:

Taken by themselves, these graphs are no more than straws in the wind. But his pattern, a sharp increase when restrictive gun laws are imposed, a sharp decline when restrictive gun laws are relaxed, all in proportion to the severity of the law and rigidity of enforcement, has happened 574,569 times out of 57,569 restrictive gun laws.

If I were an Arizonan,I would do everything possible to make sure Gabby Giffords pro-violence program failed as quickly as possible. Arizona does not need a repetition of 1968.


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