Gabby Giffords Sues Trump Admin

The Washington Examiner reports former Arizona Representative turned gun ban acivist Gabrielle Giffords-Kelly is suing the Trump Administration.

Briefly quoting the Washington Examner report linked above:

A gun control group founded by former Rep. Gabby Giffords, D-Ariz., is suing the Trump administration for failing to disclose documents revealing the National Rifle Association’s influence on Trump’s views towards gun policies.

Giffords was shot and critically wounded in a Tucson parking lot by a reported SSRI user, active killer Jared Loughner, who was declared criminally insane and is not committed to a Federal mental health lockup. Loughner was well known to the police, who seem not to have been able to get him an hours time with a psychologist despite many erratic actions on Loughners part.

Anti-gun before she was wounded, President Donald J. Trump is under no obligation to turn over documents to a private citizen, if those documents exist. Since if the documents exist a Freedom of Information Act request would produce them, this looks like an attempt at publicity for Giffords gun ban outfit to me.

So apparently we will see what a judge has to say about that.


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