Gabby Giffords Says “Fight To Keep The Laws That Keep Crime Rates High”

Breitbart reports gun ban activist and former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is telling her followers to fight to prevent the repeal of current gun control laws.

Historically, the laws Giffords wants to preserve are the survivors from more than 57,582 restrictive gun laws enacted over the last 521 years.

While the history of such legislation is plain enough, history is largely forgotten when a zealot speaks of the passion that he rides.

As the chart below, taken from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports since 1950 clearly show, even a gun control campaign will drive up violent crime and homicide rates. A campaign that began in 1963 anbd ended 5 years later that campaign had driven violent crime rates up by 87$, from 3196,970 police reported violent crimes to 595,010 violent crimes.

The imposition of the Federal Gun control act of 1968 increased the speed with which crime rose, going from 596,010 in 1968 975,910 violent crimes reported by police in 1973,after just five years Federal gun control. A period in which many cities began to report as few as 1 in 10 crimes reported to them.

By 1993, gun controls had pushed violent crime from just under 317,000 violent crimes to 1,926,000 police reported violent crimes. Here is the chart, and the link to the supporting data is above:

In the 21 full years of incremental relaxation of gun laws, violent crime has declined form 1.926.020 violent crimes reported, or admitted, by the police to only 1,231,0, despite the brutal opposition of gun banners like Gabrielle Giffords to stop progress on repealing laws that keep our violent crime rates far higher than they could be.

Portrait of a Mass Murderer

It is ironic that that GAbrielle Giffords was shot by a man who came in contract with law enforcement many times in the years before MS Giffords was shot, his erratic actions were repeatedly noted,yet no attempt was ever made to commint Jared Loughner for a mental health examination. If there had been, it is a virtual certainty that Loughner would have been institutionalized instead of free to murder when he shot Congresswoman Giffords.

It is equally ironic that Giffords own party, the Democratic Party, is responsible for dismantling what was one of the five best mental health systems on Earth. But buying votges was more important than public safety so the fine mental hospitals, the many well run asylums, and a handful of “snake pits,” had to go. Putting us all in danger.

It is time to stop blowing money on monuments to politiicans, time to repeal the gun control laws that sent our crime rates sky high, and time to fully fund mental health as we repeal or preempt restrictive gun laws.


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