From Where “Bipartisan” Means “My way or the Highway”

I see House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the morst rabiltliy aanti-gun member of the House of Representatives says the Democrats have come together in a bipartisan way tp promote the measures they suppose will save the most lives.

Here’s AndFranNan in full flight::

The problem is simple enough. Democrats feel “bipartisan means “Our way or the highway, so if any sacrifices are mad3e gun owners must make them.” That is not bipartisan, which calls for equality in sacrifices, but is Elitist Socialism instead.

Since the child is unready to make the sacrifices necessary for a gipartisan bill or a bill in which both parties share the pain equally; and apparentliy has no clue to the meaning of bipartisan, the sensible thing to do is to forget about it.



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