FORTUNE And The Lie Of The Day

Fortune magazine signed on to the gun ban brigade in early 19644 and in the almost 54 years since has told many whoppers in support of banning guns.

None has been a greater lie that that below the video in the linked above. Not that there are not deliberate likes in the video, but those are on the head of the liars.

Briefly quoting the gun ban lobby agitprop Fortune has chosen to spread::

.If this bill is enacted into law, each state would be required to honor a concealed carry permit issued by another state, even if the permit holder’s state of residence has much lower standards or no permit requirement at all for those carrying concealed weapons. This would be a dangerous law, as it would allow people to seamlessly carry guns across state lines, regardless of the vetting and training required by the state issuing the permit.

IF Fortune’s editors had bothered to read the bill, which is posted here, just a few posts down, they should have been aware that almost every thought expressed in that brief paragraph is untrue.

First, of 50 States, 50 States have provisions for concealed carry. Tgere are bi States that currently forbid concealed carry.

Second, everyone crossing a State line carrying must observe the host State. Buy a ticket to Newark and get dumped at Kennedy with a stock S&@ Military and Police – and you are violating New York law, Go to prison for five years.

Go to the Empire State Building carrying, and you cannot enter, it is a posted “gun free zone,” meaning those who arrive unarmed are in much more danger of being murdered, but that is the law.

And third, a peerson who holds a Concealed Carry Weapons permit from any State is far less likely to commit a crime thaan an off duty Police Officer. Evey an Arizonian in Gotham.

And besides that, there is the history of gun control laws generally. Here is what gun control campaigns and gun control laws do to crime rates, with a gun control campaign from 1963 to 1967 and gun controls from 1968 ti the present:

If gun ban propaganda did not result in serous injury and death to innocents, Fortune’s lies would be laughable. But they do result in increased murder and violent crime rates; and have done so 57,763 times out of 57,763 such laws.

It is time for this to stop, and to return at least to the crime levels of the 1950’s, when one could walk the streets of New York City with reasonable assurance they would not be murdered out of hand.

And if Fortune can do no better than this it is time for the periodical to go the way of that other collection of bad jokes, Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang.


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