Forbes Hits The Propaganda Trail

I see Forbes is pushing ten gun control lies as truth. No surprises there, of course, the more so when the author’s name is Ladd and he describes himself as “a recovering Republican.”

One in particular, that the Swiss are less well armed than American’s is particularly amusing. Here, we have a very well armed suburban and rural population, and we have almost totally disarmed our cities. By design, and largely because of distrust of the minorities who cluster in cities. The result of this arrant idiocy is quite clear, has had at least 547 murders so far this year, yet you cannot buy aa gun in the city, and you must have State and city permission to possess one.

But because of the Swiss system of requiring Universal Military Training and tjat tjpse wjp becp,e superannuated purchase their assault rifle on separation, Swiss cities are actually better armed than the Swiss in towns the exurban areas. As a result of this intelligent practice the violent crime rates of Swiss cities is only a little higher than the exurbs, and the nation as a whole often has homicide rates at 0.7 per 100,000 for the entire nation. This in a country where almost every hose has a real, fully automatic, assault rifle behind the bedroom door.

And because some gun banners say the Swiss are not allowed to keep ammunition at home – lood at the ammunition stored under the guns in the rack.

If you are a regular Alley reader, I have debunked all the Ladd’s claims, so click on over and see what sort of fiction they are peddling this time around.

If not, just remember those “facts” are not intended to inform, they are disseminated to deceive.

And yes, another “grand survey” of the results of the world’s gun laws is on the agenda. But first I must finish the final edit on the “Cost of gun control” series and get that posted at Polite Society, and get that part ready for publication.


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