For The Media, “High Powered Rifle 101”

Here is a late friend of ours with a lesson for the media on what constitutiones a “high pow3ered rifle. The AK-47’s 7.63 X 39 cartrige misses the cut, since the threshold for “medium power is the 30/30, with the next step of the power ladder beginning with the 30/06. But let’s watch a moment:

So where does the AR-15’s 5.56 NATO rate on the scale? The 5.56 is a .22 caliber cartridge built on the .223 Remington varmint and pest control round, modified to increase the ratio of injured to killed in combat. And yes, that means the 5.56 NATO cartridge is one of the few made only to wound, ot to kill.

As such, it is much LESS powerful than the AK-47’s made to kill cartridge. Both the 5.56 Nato and 7.62/39 are essentially pest control rifles adapted to modern war, where tying up an enemies resources is much more important than how many enemy were killed.

And so mcuh for the Loouisville Courier Journal’s claim that “An AK47 is so powerful it can brig down an airliner cruising at 30,000 feet, kill a whale 100 fathoms deep, and is so powerful that if a bullet hit a deer in the hoof it would blow him to smitehreents?” Why, that is pure hogwash.

The kind we see gun ban activists still using to this day.


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