FNHQ’s Latest Gun Ban Agitprop

I see FNHQ is spreading the latest gun ban lobby manure.

The background is the Townvill, S.C. school shooting, in which a 14 yo took a gun and killed a six year old, wounded two more young children, and shot a teacher.

The teacher wrote a pro-control letter to President Donald J. Trump and got a reply, including the line “Kee children safe from guns.” Which is precisly what the shooting community has bee working on for more than 38 years.

It is ironic that FNHQ, headquartered in a city that would ban guns entirely if it could, chooses to publicize President Trump’s comment to a teacher – without giving te slightest credit to the shooting community for funding a project that has cut the number of children [defied as a person aged infant to 16th birthday] killed in gun accidents from an estimated 2,600 in 1982 to the 2016 childhood accidental death toll of 81, and a murder victimization total total estimated at 1,200 in 1985, for a total of 3,800 in 1982 to just 442.

and those totals would be much lower had cities like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore and FNHQ’s Washington allowed the life saving gun safety training that brought the childhood gun death totals down in the rest of the United sTates.

And that is a truly shameful reflection on both the gun ban lobbys and on FNHQ.


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