FNHQ Says Demos Need To Get Their Act Together

I see the DC branch of FNHQ has solemnly advised the Democratic Party to get its act together.

Acually, the Democratic Party as such no longer exists. It has been taken over by the “Democratic Socialists of America” a child of the Communist Party USA, which is in turn a branch of the Communist International.

Following the trail, the 2016 Democratic Platform is a greatly expanded version of the Democratic Socialists platform, which is not significantly different from the Communist Party USA Platform, which appears to be a rephrased version of the Communist International “foundation of policies” if I have the name translated accurately.

Given that, and from the observation that their deeds suggest the intent is to institute a permanent state of rule by the elites, another version of the nobility rule that was common prior to the spread of firearms, it appears to me that it is time for the Democratic Party to play Old Soldier and fade away, to be replaced by a “free enterprise” party that actually works in the interests of the citizen-worker, instead of tge interests of the famous and rich.

But it is time for FNHQ to get its act together and become a responsible newspaper instead of a third rate propaganda mill.


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