FNHQ-NYC Says “The Gun Lobby Is BAAAAD!

I see Fake News Headquaaaarters-NYCC, promulgating the long debunked idea that potential suicides will be deterred if their weapon of choice is removed, will not commit suicide.

To my knowledge that idea was put forth when opium ws first restricted and “each year thousands of Americans turn to the morphine tin fo permanent relief of pain.”

I would post a factual repudiation of FNHQ’s position, as I have at lest 8 times in the past, but with FNHQ-NYCC thee is no point. Regular Alley readers know the facts of life and death, and FNHQ-NYC is not interested in learning them.

If they were, a few minutes research demonstrates the foolishness of the pro-crime lobbys position. If there has been a constant for the last 54 years it has been that lobby’s absolute refusal to look at facts rationally, so one can expect no better from am FNHQ.

Including the fact that gun control has failed miserably at making Americans safer:

Anyone with a few minutes to spend can confirm the numbers given in the chart – except the 2018 estimate in gold – in the FBI Uniform Crime Reports from 1950 to date, or verify the numbers at this convenient spreadsheet maintained by The Disaster Center.

But the FNJQ’s are as incapable of doing that simple task as pharaoh is of up the lid of his casket and walking the streets of Gotham.

And their ability to recognize any fact from official sources is equal to their inability to recognize the facts abooout the murderous policies thay push.

Hopefully, there will be a change of management at the FNHQ’s. It cannot come too soon.


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