FNHQ Claims DC’s Gun Ban

Fake News HQ has further beclowned itself wth a claim that “Do tougher gun laws lead to ‘dramatically lower rates of gun violence’?”

Now, as it happens I have at hand a few numbers that indicate the truth is Washingtonians are people, and behave the same way people in Caracas, Sao Paolo, Bogoga, Ciudad Mexico, London, Calaois Moscow, lagos, and in West Podunk.

For 1960 there were 81 murders, reported to the FBI, 36 or 44% firearms related, and very typical of the United States for the period. various anit0gun measures increased potential criminals perception that crime is a safe occupation, especially when armed.

By 1969, the number of murders was up to 287, with 195 firearms related. The trend was clearly established, and worsened. In 2016, the District reported 136 murders, 105 firearms related, 105, 77.25%, committed with a stolen “street” handgun.’

Now, as the claim that the District’s 1976 gun ban, that ban did not become effective until 1981, due to legal challengs and the grace period for Washintonians to dispose of their firearms. It graphic form, here is the result:

Clearly, to the early 1980’s gyb control had turned the District from a City of three quarters of a million people and violent crime rates slightly higher than typical for American cities into a city dangerous engouh that several nations issued warnings to embassy staff. and the gangs moved in.

Murder totals, which had been as low as 50 in te 1940’s, went from the 60’s and 8-‘s to the 200 to 300 range under gun control, and the gangs turf wars drive the total to the 400’s, and the murder rate, which had been 32.8 per 100,000 when the City Council to banned guns, to as high as above 80 in the early 1990’s. In 30 years, gun control and then a gun ban sent the murder rate up almost 800 percent.

It took a massive effort, and a huge expense to bring the District’s murder and violent crime rates “under control.”

How well under control can best be judged by this chart of the District’s overall violent crime rate for the period:

Objectively, Washington is one of America’s most dangerous cities. And tis sampling of numbers and charts from FBI Uniform Crime Reports data should make it clear to all but the densest that a gun ban was not an asset to the District, but one of the most expensive errors in American history. An error they persist in attempting.


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