Florida School Shooting wounds Four. 20 hurt

Fos news reports school shooting in which four victims were treaterd and transported to area hospitals, and up to 20 more were reported injured.

No motive has been given so far, but the two most likely in student on student shootings are bullying and “If she won’t have me no one else can have her” cases of puppy lust. The sort that used to be settled with honest fisticuffs instead of the knives and guns made popular by the movie version of “West Side Story” and restrictive gun laws.

School shootings increase as demands for even more restrictive gun laws increase

The Chucky intruded with a list of school shootings in the 20 years since Columbine that proves, if anything, that school shootings are like in proportion to tightening restrictive gun laws, the same as any other sort of shooting. And for that matter, so does every other form ov violent, property, and white collar crime.

America once had a homicide rate that was consistently in the low five in the world, with national homicide rates as low as 0.4 per 100,000, equivalent to 4 murders per million population. Now we expect the 2018 homicide rate to come in at 448 or more per million population but we have gun control.

Boy, do we ever have gun control. And the Chuccky Schumer is as responsible as anyone for that increase.

We could have those low rates once again. Switzerland, where it is not an illicit handgun under the pillow of the suburbanite, but the fully loaded assault rifle with six 30 round magazines in the corner that protects the family and keesp the bad men away.

It is time for Chucky to do something about that carelessness with the fact he has exhibited since left the House and Nancy Pelosi’s tutelage.

There is a time to go, and the Chucky has definitely reached that point.


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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6 Responses to Florida School Shooting wounds Four. 20 hurt

  1. Bill T says:

    The answer to school shootings is to attack the SHOOTER. It makes no difference if it is a .22 cal target pistol or a Barrett .50 cal. or anything in between, bump stocks, full auto, semi-auto, gatlin gun. It is the SOB who points the weapon and activates the trigger who is guilty. NONE of MY guns has ever killed a human. I don’t point them at humans and pull the trigger. NO! the answer is to fix the SHOOTER! Insane? so what! He still took human life for no reason known to anyone but him.
    Fair jury trial to determine if he, in fact, did it.
    Guilty verdict? The NEXT business day after the verdict. Sentence him to being tied or handcuffed to a post then shot to pieces by 24 riflemen shooting M-14s (.308 cal. 20 rd magazine each(480 rds total)) it would require a rake and shovel to pick up what was left of him to bury.
    Televise the execution on ALL news outlets. NO EXCEPTIONS!
    DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES publish his (their) name(s).

    This goes straight to the problem, THE CRIMINAL! Remember insanity is usually just an excuse. If he is THAT insane he should be put out of his and our misery.

    This kind of noteriety will prove to be VERY unpopular among budding active shooters.

    It won’t take many of this kind of execution to put a stop to this ultimate stupidity.

    MY $.02!

  2. Stranger says:

    Hi, Bill, It is good to hear form you.

    The secret for dealing with school shootings in progress is indeed to attack the shooter.

    But I had much rather live in a society where school shootings are virtually unheard of. and to do that requires an attack on the conditions that cause school shootings. For some time, the relationship between school shootings and gun control has been obvious, and I have been occupied with other gun control related matters plus my own retirement. Having made my own living since 1948, I feel entitled to stay home for a while.

    But the secret to getting the level of school shootings back to the 1940’s and 1930’s level will require getting rid of rid of the pie-in-the-sky scheme called “gun control.” And that is something I will work on as long as I am able.


  3. Bill T says:

    I agree with you that “Gun Control Measures” aimed at the law abiding along with “Gun Free Zones” AKA “Free Fire Zones” add immensely to the problem. The key to this is to make it so heavily shameful to do this that they will seek other outlets rather than schools.
    BTW, Isn’t it already unlawful to pull a gun and fire into a crowd of unarmed people anywhere in the USA or the world for that matter? What are we going to do about the criminal murderers? They are not going to do away with guns and even if they did, what about rocks, hammers, butcher knives, sticks, baseball bats, cars and trucks? No, go after the criminal, he’s the one who is doing this.

  4. Bill T says:

    We had a Totally dysfunctional individual in Oxford AL today who threatened an entire Daycare center with vehicular slaughter then loaded a rifle and threatened them with it. He is disallowed picking up his daughter from the daycare by a court issued restraining order because of previous abuse. He is in custody and the powers that be can’t decide whether to charge him with a misdemeanor or a very low felony for terrorist threats.

    This would be an excellent example for the 24-man firing squad. Unfortunately they have already published the puke’s name!

    We will never get a grip on this crap until the legal system grows a pair and does something to stop these individuals.

  5. Stranger says:

    A person who would do that should lose his gun rights. After a trial, conviction, and an expedited appeals process, be lled out on the courthouse steps at sunrise, be ceremoniously granted the privilege of dancing at the end of a rope until sunset, and all record of his existence removed from the records.

    If that seems harsh, it is only slightly more than the historic punishment for such arrant stupidity, and it improves the gene pool while transportation for life does not.


  6. Stranger says:

    Hi Bill: The English had excellent results with public executions, which the hoi polloi called “public funerals.” But for commoners execution was generally carried out within ten days of conviction for a crime as trivial as swiping a handkerchief. Of course, If I were the weaver who made the cloth, I might feel death was justified.

    But that points up the problem psychiatrists have with the death penalty. A severe penalty has to be carried out promptly to have any deterrent effect. And ten years between trial and the needle renders the whole process ineffective for anything except revenge.


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