Florida Legislature Passes Gun Control Bills To Gov

USA Today reports in a case of ‘marry in haste’ the Florida legislature has passed and sent to the governor a package of gun control bills.

The package, endorsed by Bloomberg’s “Everytown against guns” network” as a first small step toward an ultimate ban, was passed wihotu consideration of those measures hizststory, effects, or certain result.

Raising the purchase age to 21 for a crime with a mean age at commission of 44 is not a useful strategy. Neither is banning a product never used in a Florida murder, and as far as can be determined, never used to assist in the commission of an offense elsewhere is not good strategy to prevent mass murder. But of course, those who actually know were not asked.

Which is too bad for Florida, and it’s millions of law abiding gun owners but just fine for politicians seeking reelection.

We shall see.


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