Florida: Armed Homeowner Captures Burglar

Thanks to a link provided by WuChang, a Florida burglar is in custody after choosing an armed citizen to victimize.

Briefly quoting the Washington Free Beacon report linked above:

Cape Coral Police arrested 20-year-old Jacob Cintra after he allegedly broke into Jim Gibbons’s car and tried to break into his home. Gibbons told reporters he and his wife were sleeping when they heard a commotion. Jim went to open his blinds and see what was happening when he spotted Cintra just in front of him trying to break into the home.

Very good. Mr. Gilbert has made Cape Coral a measurably safer community, since a typical career criminal will commit a serious crime every 48 hours until he is caught and taken off the street. Preferably by an armed citizen, since that points up the dangers of choosing a life of crime.

Dangers that jave cut firearms facilitated crimes from 758,000 in 1993 to just 290,000 in 2014.

Prison surveys suggest some two million contemplated crimes are never attempted each year because the victim might be armed. Of those crimes that are attempted, Approximately 760,000 crimes in progress are abandoned when the perpetrator becomes aware of a response by the victim.

some 75,000 attempted crimes resulted in defensive gunfire by the victim, with approximately half of those resulting in injury to the perpetrator. 15,000 would be perpetrators require medical care, and some 1,500 perpetrators are killed by those they intend to victimize.

So congratulations again to Mr. Jim Gibbons, whose prompt and effective action took a criminal off the street.

And let me tip the hat to WuChang for the link. I appreciate all the help I can get.


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