FLA: Gun Ban Governor Running For Senate

FOX reports Florida Governor Rick Scott, who recently signed a package of gun ban precursors into law, will run for the United States Senate.

Scott’s record is a known thing, and the good people of Florida will likely have to decide wheter Scott’s contradictory gun control record of opposing the bills he signs is not a hopeful sign.

The good people of Florida will decide, of course. II just hope they have a choice instead of the political equivalent of a race between two Democrats.


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One Response to FLA: Gun Ban Governor Running For Senate

  1. 2aguy says:

    Sadly, you still have to vote for the Republican…..only a Republican controlled Senate will confirm Trump’s judicial nominees for the federal courts and the Supreme Court no matter what dumb ass thing he did in Florida. If the democrats take the Senate, they will simply refuse to appoint Trumps justices or pass them out of committee….so no matter how much one dislikes Trump or squish or Never Trump Republicans…we have to put that aside and vote for Republicans. Even for the House…because if the democrats take the House, they will impeach Trump 5 minutes after the polls close and the democrats in the Senate, even in a minority, will steam roll Never Trump republicans into not voting on Trump nominees….since he will be under impeachment….

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