Fla: Accused Veteran Loses AR-15

FOX News reports a Florida veteran accused of shooting at a car has had his AR-15 has been confiscated.

Ordinary police procedure would be to obtain a warrant for the accused’s arrest, seize any weapons on the accused’s premises, and hold them as evidence. However in this case Fox singles out the case FOX picks out the new “Red Flag” law allowing confiscation on a complaint,, in addition to a charge.

Briefly quoting the FOX report linked above:

Florida deputies confiscated an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle from an Army veteran on Thursday, and the seizure was the first of its kind under the state’s new gun control law enacted following the Parkland school shooting.

Whatever the case, I hope that all due process rights were in fact granted the defendent, or victim, as the case may be in this case.

After all, it is law enforcement’s highest duty to observe the law. Failure to do so leads to corruption and lawlessness.


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2 Responses to Fla: Accused Veteran Loses AR-15

  1. ” All due process rights were granted”. Sure they were. Would we lie to you.

  2. Stranger says:

    Hi, James. Thanks for the comment:

    It has not been that long before “law enforcement” used to watch the doors of a nationally advertised gun dealer not far from here, waiting for someone to come out carrying an expensive gun case. A few miles up the highway to Memphis, the gun buyer would be stopped and his car searched. Because, under a 1902 “agreement between the Attorney General and law enforcement, guns oculd be legally transported if they were secured to the dashboard, with both sides clearly visible to the officer.” and any gun transported in any other fashion belonged to the arresting officer.

    Gun laws have driven some of the most corrupt incidents in American history, and I could tell you some mighty whoppers that have been told hapless gun owners.


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