FL Guv Backs Higher Purchase Age For guns

Florida’s Governor Richard Scott, a quondam friend of ours, wants to raise the age to buy a gun to 21 after the recent Mass murder a Florida High School.

This in a world where the mean age of a mass murderer is 44.3.

This in a world where gun control, actually gun ban, advocacy is he root of the probable with school shootings. zhere is what 1987 campaign “Assault Weapons Ban did to school shootings:

Before gun control, victims in school shootings came singly, not in carload lots, and we had entire decades between school shootings. And if you want to get back to where we were, you must repeal the laws that enable and assist killers, not harass the law abiding.

And all that because at least four Broward County law enforcement officers refulsed to put on their fighitng drawers and do the first thing you are supposed to dddo with an active killer; charg him as you pump hot lead at him.

This after the FBI failed to act – twice. And other opportunities to stop Nikolas Cruz’ killing spree were ignored.

Because of that a 20 year old who has the money ahd wants to hunt with his buddies and his own gun is to be treated like a child? I don’t think that is going to do anything exce stir up the wrath of the righteous.

As former VP Hubert Humphrey pointed out, “Gun owners never forget and seldom forgive.” Pushing gun control after local and Federal law enforcement is no way to win friends and gain votes.


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