“Ferret Holster With Rhinestones?”

One of the search engines sent someone by who was looking for “ferret holster with rhinestones.”

I have seen mentions of such things in the “ladies magazines” of the late 19th Century, particularly in the handwarmers with a built in holder of the period, but I have no clue about where to have such a holster made.

Fisher, ferret, weasel, ermine, and mink are all very similar members of the same genus, and the hides are not extremely durable. A working holster of ferret hide would amount to an outer layer of ferret outside a leather holster, while an all ferret holster would amount to little more than a floppy gun sack.

Which would have to be well lined to keep the metal findings for the rhinestones from scratching the gun’s finish.

Possibly Michael at the Holster Site (the link is on the right) might be able to undertake such a project.


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