Fauxahontas Says Science Is Being Ridiculed

Senator Elizabeth Warren, an ANTI-gun activist who claims to be “Native American,” says she believes the science of global warming is being ridiculed.

In eality, the “global warming movement” is making claims that cannot be substantiated and making itself a laughing stock. Those of us who read the meters see the warmest ocean waters are aaat 90F, not 1900F, while wide areas are below 50F that should be between 46 and 50F.

And we Sea Surface Temperatures irrefutable evidence that the modern climate record has been expunged and replaced with numbers that make it appear the past was warmer than it was. Something that would lead one to believe there has been a planetary rise in temperatures – in the absence of the real climate record.

And of course, there are the ‘climategate emails’ which make many real scientists doing real science physically ill.

To those of us who read the meters and report the readings, the glimategate, or global warming, scam is the most ambitions fraud in human history.

And Lizzie Warren, who claims to be a “native American,” is a part of that scheme.

Nine years ago,,, in 2008, Al Gore predicted there would be no Arctic sea ice and no snow in 217. At that time, the first signes of Asian soot and fly ash were barely perceptible in the 12,560,000 square kilometers of pristine snowfall. Today, thee are 12,280,000 square kilometers of Arctic sea ice, and evidence of Asian pollution is easy to find:

Hopefully, the Asian nations that tolerate huge amounts of soot and fly ash from power and industrial plaats that do not scrub flue emissions will reverse course and clean up their act.

and hopefully Fauxahontas will clean up hers.


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