Fauxahontas Calls For Gun Control, Shut Done NRA

I see Fauxahontas Warren, who reportedly became quite wealthy practicing law without a license, has called on Democrats to support “gun control,” and sut down the NRA.

Fauxahontas, who is a member of the Cherokee nation because her grandmother 31 times removed once spoke to an Indian. Or dated an Indian. Or something. The media is unclear on the point but it has something to do with the absence of cheekbones. Maybeso, I do not see any, myself.

But she is a Democrat, a law professor at some college, and has parlayed what she claims to have into a Senate seat. Here’s Foxy’s voting record, and as you can see she is not a friend of much of anybody Amerian, and either deliberately lies or makes up facts on the fly.

For example, Fauxahontas Elizabeth Warren claims “Handguns kill 8 kids a day.” That is 2920 a year, or almost as many non-criminals who are murdered each year. The official number for 2015, the last yer official numbers are available, is 82 children in firearms accidents, and 340 children murdered with a firearm. That is a of 422 – most of whom were members of inner city gangs killed in turf wars.

And even that low number is arguable, since the sampling for the survey those numbers were derived from includes a disproportionate number of areas where life saving agun safety training has been prohibited.

Of course, there are many other items in Foxy’s voting record that point to her being an ulra-Socialist activist.

Since her words and record show she is just another gun banner,or community knows what to do. Vot for someone else.


NB: As usual, we back up OUR statements with links to official sources.

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