FakeNewsDC Distorts The Facts – Again Or Yet

Congress passed a bill overruling an Obama decree, and the cubettes at the Washington Post once again prove they are constitutionally unable to do basic research.

The Obama fiat ordered that anyone receiving a Federal disability payment for any reason whatsoever is mentally ill, and order the confiscation of any and all guns they possess, as well as entering the disabled person on in the NICS system as common criminal.

Congress quite properly reversed that piece of particularly nasty injustice. But FakeNewsHQ’s cubettes make the claim that:

Every time there is a gun-violence tragedy in our country, we hear these same arguments from politicians who consistently oppose common-sense gun-safety legislation aimed at keeping firearms out of dangerous hands.

Obviously, there was no attempt to determine the facts, something that is typical of the Washington Post and other “progressive” media outlets. As a result of that habit, Americans have lost faith in a profession whose current practitioners are unfit to polish the commemorative plaques of Fred Faust, Ernie Pyle, Winston Churchill, and the other JOURNALISTS I have admired, or the surprising number of Journalists I have known.

There is nothing to say in their favor, they are careless and slipshod at best, grossly negligent and as useless as a windblown grain of dust in the eye.


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