Fake News Headquarters Strikes Again

Fake News Headquarters has started a completely incredible story that Republican senate candidate has been playing inappropriate games with underage girls.

A former Clinton campaign worker and fan girl apparently made the charge and FNHQ repeated it.

Judge Moore is well known in Alabama, and known for being an extraordinarily religious man, a man who lives by the Commandments, and this FNHQ reprot contradicts everyting we think we know about a very prominent public figure.

The Judge has emphatically denied the accusation, which leaves it as a “she accused, he denies” situation. But there is also a rumor that an FNHQ reporter offered a Moore supporter $1000 to accuse the Judge. True? I do not know and make no pretense of knowledge.

That is, I do not know whether or not Judge Moore did or did not do anything out of the way. All I really know that the accusation is contrary to Roy Moore’s public persona – but I dp know about the multitude of fane reports that FNHQ has used to blacken good men and women’s name.

And I do know that FNHQ has eared a reputation as another mouthpiece for the Democratic Party’s Clinton wing.


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