Fact Check Cannot Seem to Check The Facts

It is no huge secret that Fact Cecck dot Org is an anti-gun scion of an anti-gun organization. Their stated mission is to expose the fiction that pervades the propaganda medium wwe call “the media.” A job it seems utterly unsuited for.

It it’s latest “dress in particolor and greasepaint” Fact Check takes takes issue with President Donald J. Trumps statements on Chicago, where even toddlers are not safe from gunfire.

The background is quite clear. Primarily because of pressure from the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and a gun control campaign that began in December, 1963, Illinois implemented a European style gun control law, the Firearms Owners ID or FOIDD system effective 1/1/68.

It is a matter of record and admitted many times that crime rates soared during the gun control campaign and went near vertical after the law was passed.

In 1952, Chicago Alderman and mob member Fred Roti introduced and the City council approved a complete ban on guns in Chicago. Crime did what it always dies, rates wen vertical. Twice, once before the lawsuit, once after.

While Chicago’s gun laws were finally overturned in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Otis McDonald, a Chicago resident who wished to protect himself, the City still does everything it can to prevent law abiding Chicago residents from obtaining defensive weapons. And it can do a lot, starting with refusing to license gun dealers, keeping them out of Chicago, suing its neighing cities trying to force them to close their gun shops, saying no to applicants for a Concealed Carry permit, and so on.

for 2016, a group of scanner listeners logged 819 murders in the City. A tracking website reported a total of 807 murders, including 721 shot and killed, in a city where honest citizens cannot buy a gun.

And for 2017, with the tracking website’s total at 604 and the most violent 45 days of the year coming up, Bloody Chicago will be almost as bloody as it was in 2016.

Statistically speaking, the utter failure of every Chicago gun control law, and of the Illinois FOID syste, to reduce crime, make anyone safer, or reduce the incidence of political assassination gives is “six sigma” confidence that Chicago’s gun ban is the cause, and not a coincidence.

It is more than a million to one shot that gun control caused Chicago’s problems. And yet “Fact Check” calls the cold hard facts “discredited.”

The only thing discredited are the absyrd numbers the Chicago reports has reported to the FBI for more than 40 years.

Since Fact Check obviously did not check its facts on Chicago’s violent crime situation, we have no reason to trust them on anything at all. Not even the time of day.


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