Ezra Klein Praises ANTI

Ezra Klein’s VOX, reports on Jason Crow, an ANTI-Partei candidate for the House of Representatives who is running on an anti-gun ticket.

For those who do not recall, Klein was one of the Washington Post’s whiz kids, a founder of the “progressive” group of cub reports called Journ-O-list, and one of the leaders in the slime Sarah Palin campaign WaPo and other progressive medai fronted in 2008. Given Klein’s record, it would be natural for him to support ultra socialist candidates for legislative positions.

Crow himself is running for Congress from Colorado, and appears to be a twenty something. Judging by media coverage he is so far to the political left he vergest on slippping into Conservatism. As such, he is extremely unlikely to be guided by anything other than orders from the Partei, including orders to support gun bans.

here is Colorado’s experience with that unmitigated tragedy called gun control since 1960. Unfortunately, Crow clearly belongs to the “don’t bother with facts, my mind is made up” wing of world politics, so the best thig to do is to vote for someone else:

The chart is based on is based on FBI Uniform Crime Report data, and is current to 2016. the last year available.

The results of the gun ban drive Crow supports are highlighted in red on the chart.

And clearly, Coloraddo may need a change in the House, but the bird who makes a change in the House should not lay eggs.


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