“Explain Socialism?” Sure, if you have your ears open

“Nonny Muss” asked if I can explain “Socialism.” Yes, if you do not want a sect b y sect analysis of almost 9,000 individual Socialist sects.

For starters, Socialist theory requires each person to hand everything they own to the State, which will essentially make a big pile of everything of value and distribute everything to those who need it. So no one will be wealthier than anyone else, no matter how hard they work.

To be fair, something very like that works at the village level where can watch the communal stores. It does not work at all where people can acquire more than their neighbors once things get to the point the communal trove cannot be overseen by the State.

But while the “share and share alike” concept is admirable, at the nation-state level, someone has to get the crops grown, the harvest gathered, the groceries distributed, and so on. So every Socialist State has a ruling elite that thinks it deserves more for all the work they do – sitting in a hard chair and adding lard to their behinds all day. So the rulers appropriate an extra share or six out of the common store as their just due.

And then there has to be “central planners” who decree how many size 17 dresses to make – and where to send them. The central planners also think they deserve more, so they also assign anther six or eight shares each out of the common store.

And suddenly, you have a stratified society with the 87 percent of the population working as hard as they can for one share, while people with no discernible work to do get six times or more as much stuff. Something they makes the serfs angry.

The Elite cannot have that, so they create a powerful police presence to put down public resentment. Even the most innocuous comment can result in a cattle car ride to a labor camp – for life. Such as it will be.

And that is Socialism, regardless of what it is called. Socialism, Communism,Fascism, “Open Society,” Falangism, Peronism, Chavesmo, among others, or who favors it, from b. Hussein Obama, Bernie Sanders, Nicolas Maduro, Lizzie Warren,Angela Merkel, or whoever, it is all the same.

You give up everything, even your freedom, and get whatever poor living the State decides to give you after the elites have taken what they want.

And that is Socialism, where the State controls the production and distribution of all goods and services – and the instant wealth and enormous power Socialism gives its ruling elites is the reason would be dictators love Socialism.


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