Evidently, The AJC Staff Have Few Friends

While the staff may actually be locked in their offices, I see the Atlanta Journal Constituiton says there is more interest in gun control than gun shows.

Here in the real world, at one time, the early 1980
s when gun shows were in the doldrums and Handgun Control, Inc was raking in tens of millions a year in small donations, could have been very nearly true.

Those were the years many gunnies were resigned to gun confiscation, the NRA had internal problems, and there was no consensus in our community.

But today, most gun shows achieve packed house status within a couple of hours of opening and stay packed until the visitors are shooed out the door, and if you are lucky enough to find what you are looking for you have to stand in lin
for a half hour while the dealer runs background checks for customers ahead of you, the squib merely proves the AJC crowd are off in Never-Never land. Which also seems where they get their news.


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