Everytown Against Guns Says LTC Holders Are Violent

I see some of New York City’s scofflaw former mayor, Michael Bloomberg’s, PR people are accusing those licensed to carry – and no doubt those who are empowered to carry – ov being “violent.”

Here in the real word, analysis of news reports shows the 16,500,000 Americans who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon have a violent crime rate of just 8.9 per 100,000 LTCV holders.

By comparison, the approximately 305,500,000 Americans who do not have a License to Carry commit violent crimes at a a greater than 500 per 100,000 population rate. (Calculated from the 2016 Preliminary Uniform Crime Report. The 2015 violent crime rate among those not licensed to carry was 380 per 100,000. )

Obviously, the accusation that CCW/LTC holders are violent is a product of someone getting paid to sit around and think up lies. I suppose that if your rudimentary morals permit that, it is soft work.


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