Et Tu, Microsoft?

Thanks to link at Instapundit I see even Microsoft is condemning the regime as an advanced, persistent threat.

While the threat Microsoft’s Suril Amin discusses is real enough, it is not the primary threat this regime poses to our Platonic Republic. In my lifetime every Democratic president except Harry Truman and possibly JFK has been a threat to our “freedoms, religion, and laws,” as the Irish song has it.

Obama is more of a threat than Willie Clinton, who was a greater threat than Jimmy Carter, who was almost as serious a threat as Lyndon Johnson, who was as great a threat as Franklin Roosevelt. More of a threat, because Obama is more ruthless, less competent, and has far wider spread information gathering ability.

So I am not surprised at the Microsoft News position. I am surprised that the threat is so great that the report comes while Obama and his “progressives” are still in power. The threat must be very grave for a government contractor to speak out.


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